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Fans headed out to see Young on the road will get to hear the pair play the song live.

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They first met each other when they were on a tour in 2002 and soon they started dating.The duo, then engaged in May 2005 and married on April 4, 2008, secretly in New York City. He is one of the biggest names in ‘Rap’ and in the genre of hip-hop.He was born on 4th December 1969 in Brooklyn, New York, U. When he was only 11-years-old, his father Adnis Reeves abandoned the family and he was independently raised by his mother Gloria Carter.

He was collecting information from several people who claimed to be eyewitnesses when Beyonce told Jay Z he could not attend Rihanna's Met Gala after-party. Jay Z and Beyonce tied the knot in April 2008 and have a beautiful daughter together. Is it safe to say that Beyonce and Rihanna are friends?Jay-Z had a short relationship with singer Aaliyah in 1999. He had a fling with actress Rosario Dawson in 2000.Jay-Z met Trinidadian and Tobagonian glamor model during Big Pimpin video shoot in 2000. It is assumed that he is the father of Shenelle’s child, Isa Jael. An American singer Beyonce after, many years of dating with Jay-Z married him.“This refers to something that happened to me around that time, 1994, when my girl of five years got pregnant and lost the baby in a miscarriage.Now, obviously, miscarriages happen everywhere, to anyone, but the point is that on top of the especially acute paranoia and disappointment and exhaustion I’m feeling from the street life, friends getting shot, your family being broke, I have to deal with the everyday tragedies that stalk everyone.FOXY BROWN SAYS JAY-Z GAVE HER A STD AND TOOK HER VIRGINITY AT 15. She says the man who put her on to the rap game, Jay Z (then 27-years-old), took her virginity when she was just 15-years-old — adding Hova (who she says has a ‘horse d*ck’) funded her shopping trips and pampering at hair and nail salons while she was still in high school…all to get into her panties! According to Foxy, Jay Z and Larry Johnson were ‘f*ck buddies.’ This doesn’t seem so far fetched given the fact that Jay once shared an apartment with the NFL baller who once repped Rocawear.