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When the Normans conquered the same area some 1100 years later they changed the course of Dere Street to cross the River Ure at a more convenient spot.

A settlement grew up around the bridge and this new settlement became the town of Boroughbridge, from the words 'borough on the bridge'.

To the west of Boroughbridge are the so-called Devil's Arrows; three huge prehistoric standing stones.

When the Romans settled the north of England they established a major centre at Aldborough, on the route of a long distance road known as Dere Street.

Boroughbridge is a small town north of York, Yorkshire.

Just outside the town is Aldborough, site of the Roman town of Isurium.

The museum is housed in an elegant Victorian building where over 15,000 visitors used to "take the waters" at the height of its popularity.

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Even though it was - in theory - held by the king, the manor suffered massively in the aftermath of William's 'Harrying of the North'.There are some waterside cafe's, which are perfect for a full Yorkshire breakfast or just an ice cream.There are also traditional rowing boats for hire which is a great way to while away an hour or two.Eton, Harrow and the major public schools have all banned caning, and the Independent Schools Council welcomed the extension of the ban on all corporal punishment. The ban will also stop punishment with a slipper or a ruler.Don Foster, the Liberal Democrat spokesman on education, challenged Tory backwoodsmen who defended "spanking" on the grounds that it did children no harm. It will still allow parents to smack their children, and smacking by child minders with the approval of parents.The Kings Tower is the main structure left of the castle and was built in 1307-12 on orders from King Edward II.