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The character stuff is what I want to do." Fortunately for Caan, upcoming character-driven episodes will showcase the actor's as-yet-unseen emotional side.

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A video of a young girl giving a passionate defence of why she should not have to wear a hijab in Iran has gone viral.Posted by Stealthy Freedom, a group that campaigns against laws making the hijab compulsory for women, it shows the girl making an argument for freedom of choice.

Yeah, that comment was kind of a jab at myself, actually.This essay is in response to the concerns of many single young and middle-aged Iranians who complain about the Iranian dating scene.Specifically, it is in response to an Iranian man in a forum who once complained that Iranian women dont like to date Iranian men and marry outside of their ethnicity.When you practice a religion in moderation and instill morals and some religious beliefs in your children they will tend to stick to their own kind.This applies to Iranians who grew up outside of Iran and to the newly arrived Iranian immigrants in the west.I believe that the MAJOR reason (but not the only reason) ma Iraaniha etehaad nadarim va as ham dige bademoon miyaad is caused by our lack of religious, spiritual and moral beliefs.