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Furniture can also be purchased the same way and placed into unlocked rooms, but there are also rooms that have some furniture included in them as well as locked rooms that include furniture that cannot be removed.

Two members of our family had outpatient surgery here.

There is no parking at the hospital during the day but we do have a limited number of disabled (blue badge) parking spaces, which may be used by Blue Disabled Badge holders only between am and pm free of charge.

I had a few consultations around south of england but decided that Mr Simon Watts was the right choice for me.straight from the first meeting he made me feel very at ease and explained everything he could do.

This experience has been amazing, to start, the staff has intoduced themselves with thier name, job title and what they will be doing for me while in their care.

Schedule an appointment today to see if you qualify.

For severely obese patients, weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery may be an option when non-surgical treatments fail.