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Revolving around the Hong Kong Police’s Narcotics Bureau, the drama will feature narcotics busts, dangerous situations, and numerous controversial scenes involving Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) “Drug Queen” character.

It was reported that Kate Tsui’s relationship with eye doctor Marvin Tse (謝偉業) is over after dating for only six months, dashing her marriage dreams.

The director is a UK Chinese director working for Hollywood.

I think they make a good couple onscreen than in real life, their standard for their other half is the complete opposite of each other. Given Ray's personality he would fit for someone more calm, steady and possibly younger too while Kate just seems really energetic and needs someone older than her to tame her lol well that's what she's been saying.

In one scene, while trying to eavesdrop for vital information, Kate gets trapped inside a cold storage room and passes out due to hypothermia.

Her savior is none other than Raymond Lam (林峯), who with Ella Koon’s (官恩娜) help, removes Kate’s clothes and dips her in warm water.

They also collaborated in LFD and MR though not as a couple and nor did they have much interaction.

Well, i love the way how Kate shared her award with Ray, so sweet and sincere. If u can watch the end of the TVB award, u can see only She talked and encouraged Ray, while everyone congratulated BAs, and I felt he was happy talking with her.

A rare opportunity that she gets a day off, Kate tries to have the best of fun with her family and friends as they gather for a Christmas party.I wish they are a real couple Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui were the hot favorites for TV King and Queen at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2012, but unfortunately lost to Wayne Lai and Tavia Yeung.Today on Christmas, each are busy with their own jobs.A netizen claimed that Kate Tsui was seen on a sweet holiday with a rich second generation who was suspected to be her new beau.Just celebrated her 35th birthday, Kate revealed at a promotional event of her new series, that she took a holiday to Turkey with a group of friends.reported that the breakup may be due to 41-year-old Marvin’s flirtatious behavior towards other woman, dashing 33-year-old Kate’s marriage dreams.